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Monday, September 5, 2011

Karate - The Spirit Of Practice

Karate - The Spirit Of Practice

When your back is against the wall you must either suffer or triumph. I wish I had a dollar for the times I've heard that saying. But after surviving the first problem "the assault" you must consider problem number two which may involve such things as police interviews, lawyers and courts etc.
As in other aspects of self-protection chain it is best to consider these aspects in advance. In other words, have a game plan and stick to it at a critical time. That said; let's move on to the topic of different approaches to combat. Traditional or combative, it's your choice.
Unlike the traditional Japanese way of the sword where a full blow upon the head, face, arm or legs could spell death the combatives school of thought is less predictable than the regimented traditional sword or karate approach, and is thus harder to defend against.
It's true, a lot of modern-day combative trainers do not think much of the traditional type of martial arts training because they are influenced by all sorts of philosophical and mathematical considerations. You see, combative training stresses a more physical approach relying on the basis of hit first, hard and with bad intent. Yes, not encouraged in traditional karate circles because it is against their philosophy, there is no first strike in karate. Right?
On top of that, and in my opinion and others most real fighting takes place close in. Whereby, rendering many techniques taught in modern-day karate which is geared for competition fighting only useless in a real confrontation where close in weapons such as: knees, elbows and dirty tactics are employed to win at all costs.
After all, in the street your life or that of others may depend on it. You are not there to win a nice big trophy. And I'm afraid a valiant heart alone will not be enough to prevail in a real unprovoked vicious ambush type attack.Unfortunately these words have been vindicated by many a so-called martial art black belt expert to their cost. They have had to learn the hard way.
This echoes some of the problems of the present-day karate-ka who are presented with on the one hand karate training and a system of self - defence and on the other as a competitive sport which operates under very restrictive rules.
Combative training on the other hand teaches people how to survive in very violent times and in situations where they could expect to be attacked in different ways. Combative training tends to use extreme force to subdue an attacker some might consider it excessive today.
However, because of the hard-earned knowledge gained over the many years of research mainly via the military from conflicts around the world into what works and what does not then taking those same techniques and adapting them for wider civilian use. Then wouldn't you agree? If not for any other reason than that stated above, combative type training deserves serious attention from those martial artists seriously interested in self-protection?

As I have stated before, before, simple close in techniques using a limited number of striking and kicking techniques combined with an aggressive spirit works best in a confrontation which is by its very nature stressful. There is nothing in combative training that can be called sporting, fighting is a serious business which in some circumstances can lead to death.
Today, many modern schools of martial arts pay lip service to the needs of self-defence, and structure their training on developing competition fighters whose techniques and skills may not be the most useful on the street against the modern-day thug we may one day have to face.
Therefore, at some point the practitioner must make a choice, ultimately choosing between a martial art or a fighting art. He either pursues some art that takes him on a spiritual journey in touch with others and the universe, or takes up a discipline that will teach him to become a ruthless fighting machine.
But don't take to long to decide will you? Because some sweaty, smelly and violent, don't care who it is I hurt low life, might just want to beat the living crap out of you simply for the fun of it. Worst of all, if you believe that your none-contact martial art you have studied for the past five years is going to save you from a severe beating or worse, then you had better think again my friend.
You can talk and philosophise all you like but you had better been doing some sort of practical training in what really works as well. If you have not practised free exchange of techniques and by that I mean physical encounters (full-contact) and scenario training then you are not practising realistic fighting and you are not doing a martial art.
With that said, you would do well to look up and follow the words of a well-known karate master, Itosu, Sensei, when he said Do and Jutsu, one without the other is pointless.
Stay safe.
Buzz Campion
How much is your safety worth? Close Combat instructor, Buzz Campion, is the author of two very useful and informative self defence and awarness books that will teach every man or women how to avoid or defend themselves against an unprovoked violent attack in the home at work or in the street.,

Create Your Own Internet Dojo And Learn Karate Online Free!

Create Your Own Internet Dojo And Learn Karate Online Free!

Karate is one of the most intense martial arts in the world. It is one of the most efficient, invigorating disciplines, and it'll make you strong and fast and able to kick like a mule. In this bit of writing I will tell you how to learn Karate online free, and I mean totally free.

First, you are going to need a work out area. Usually this is a garage or patio, or just someplace where you can push stuff aside, hang a bag, and move around freely. As simple as this sounds, I would recommend putting up a claims the property as yours and establishes your space.

Go behind a carpet store and dig through their dumpster for some rug samples. You can dig a hole and brace a two by four with rocks, and you can nail the rug samples on this for punching and kicking. You can tack the samples on the studs in a garage, but be careful you don't end up cracking windows or 'bending' the structure.
Sweep your dojo floor clean, and if you can find a whole rug in that dumpster you've got a work out mat. Hook up a TV with and hook up a connection to the net. Your own private dojo (training hall) is ready, and now it's time to learn.

Get on the internet and Google 'Learn Karate Online Free.' You will find a few sites that are offering intros. Take advantage of those intros, watch them, print them out if possible, and head out to your dojo and start your basic exercises.

Having studied the basic movements, and they are pretty much the same for most Karate systems, you want to go to youtube and look for the following Karate forms. Karate Kata Heian one, Heian two, and on through Heian five. These are the basic forms of the major karate schools (they are also called pinan one, pinan two, etc), and you will find many videos of them have been posted.

You should pay close attention to the applications of the kata, which are often called bunkai, and practice them separately from the forms. Make sure you have a partner, start slowly, and practice until your speed picks up naturally. You can also search for things like Heian two bunkai.

Once you have learned these five basic Karate Kata, you can research Karate further and decide what kind of advanced forms you wish to study. Bear in mind that this method will take a long time, but it is worthwhile doing, if only to find an internet dojo that deals in Karate courses online. When you learn Karate Online Free you are in for a heck of a good time, and a learning experience like none you have ever imagined...and I wish you the very best of luck on your journey.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Karate Learning Tips For Beginners


Imran ali
For Karate beginners it is important to attend classes of one session in a week, as the learning process progresses then you can surely increase the number of weekly sessions. If you ask me I myself would advise those who are new to karate to make the schedule of getting a karate session in a week and they should carry on this routine for almost first 3 to 6 months, and when this is done then they can start taking 2 sessions on weekly basis. There are lots of tricks and techniques for you to learn and practicing them again and again is the ideal way to master those tactics. If you have been acquiring the training of karate in an institute since the last six months but still you are taking only a single session in a week then it means your learning process is slow either you are not picking the tricks timely or you are not practicing them regularly. This would be definitely a big negative point for you as you may need to put a lot of effort to keep up with your class mates and it may also result in making you disillusioned.

My point for the beginners is that if they keep on getting only a session in a week for several months then their progress rate would be quite slow as compared to the other guys and this will put them far behind the other fellows who are quick in learning and progressing and this may lead to hopelessness in them and it is possible that a time may come when they suddenly decide to quit their training without acquiring much knowledge about different techniques of karate. Therefore the idea is to practice different techniques taught at the training institute at regular basis this will really help you to progress quickly and positively.

It has been seen that many learners of karate start their training with the schedule of one training session weekly and after some time they are still having only one session in a week and then a few months later they observe that they are still there from where they had started. I mean that they find no or very little progress in their karate training so this creates a sense of desperation in their mind and after some time they come to their trainer and say that they are not eligible for karate course and wish to quit it immediately. So if you are a beginner and wish to learn quickly then you should increase the number of weekly sessions timely.

About the Author
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Karate Training Videos and DVDs

There are many ways by which you can get self discipline in your body such as by learning Karate, Martial Arts and other self defence activities. There are immense advantages of learning these arts such as increasing concentration, physical balance, discipline and self-confidence. The most striking advantage is that you become strong as a person and are ready to fight back in unfortunate situations.

Are you also keen on learning the same activities? You can get in touch with number of trainers who teach Karate, Taekwondo, Martial Arts and others.  When it comes to Karate training, even doctors and medical practitioners recommend on learning these arts.

With so many advantages offered, it is essential to learn with all forms of accessories such as uniforms, belt, shoes and other requirements. If you are thinking to learn it by yourself then you can buy Karate DVDs and Karate training videos. With the help of these videos and DVDs, you can learn immensely and can help yourself grow in this form of art.

If you are searching for a place where you can get access to Karate training videos and DVDs, then you can take the help of Internet. The online medium is a great platform to get information on all kinds of training videos available in the market. Many online stores have training DVDs of several famous artists in the field of self defence such as Bruce Lee, Lauren Kearney, Roland Osborne, Chloe Bruce, Daniel Sterling and other artists.

These artists have made their own place in the market and now have also launched their own DVDs and videos. Each of these videos has proper description along with full demonstration so that you can learn all the techniques with ease. Each of the technique and move is well presented, thus making the videos worth a purchase.

When you go online, you can get a vast range of DVDs and videos such as Karate DVD instruction, Karate Training Videos, Martial Arts Training Videos, Karate DVD, Martial Arts DVD and much more. You can even come across suppliers who are offering a number of videos at cost-effective and discounted rates.

If you are determined to excel in the art of self-defence activities then Internet is the best and reliable medium to buy quality videos. So, start your karate practice without spending too much money on training classes. Go online right away and order your DVDs and training videos!
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Download The Karate Kid Total Movie in HD/DVD Superior


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The Karate Kid that is heading to become introduced quickly tells a story about a 12 many years old male kid named Dre Parker who has to move to China using his mom\'s career shift. Dre is most likely the most well-liked kid back there in his hometown, Detroit. As his mom go operating, Dre can be accomplishing his duties as well that is get an education at college in the neighborhood. At university, he quickly falls for his classmate, Mei Ying. Fine news for him that Mei Ying also like him.
Because they have unique backgrounds, unique cultures, and so on; their relationship doesn\'t go smooth. Then it gets worse when Dre\'s sensation is sniffed by Cheng, his classmate who likes to bully the other pupils close to. Dre understands only just a little about karate to ensure that he can not defend himself perfectly from the attack of Cheng\'s bully. Inside a new city in China and without any close acquaintances yet, Dre has nowhere to go except be trained by Mr. Han who\'s in fact a kung fu master. Han teaches Dre that kung fu just isn\'t about strength and block but its about maturity and calm. Dre practice all the teaching from Han. Therefore, he is prepared to generate a step to stop his classmate\'s bully if Cheng comes earliest toward him and attempt to knock him down.
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Karate Can Be A Great Hobby To Get Fit

Author :     Paul Campbell

Karate as a sport and hobby is fast picking up popularity amongst Stourbridge residents. There are several renowned Karate clubs which conduct Karate classes in Stourbridge. Most of the Karate classes in Stourbridge offer karate lessons to both, hobby karate enthusiasts and competitive Karate enthusiasts. Hobby Karate lessons focus on building strength and endurance while the competitive karate lesson also focus on pattern of moves and kicking and punching techniques. Some of the students of Karate classes in Stourbridge have even represented F.E.K.O (Federation England Karate Organization).

Some of the Salient features of Karate classes at Stourbridge are: The Karate classes at Stourbridge are conducted by certified instructors. The instructors are fully insured. The instructors are CRB (Criminal record bureau) cleared to work with children. Some of the Karate classes at Stourbridge also have certified physical trainers. These trainers guide the students to healthy diet and weight management practices to enhance their performance in the discipline of Karate.

Karate classes at Stourbridge focus on the holistic development of mind and body. The Karate classes not only comprise of lesson that teach the art of Karate to students but also train the students in social and leadership aspects. They teach the students the virtue of non violence and respect for others.

There is no age bar for taking the karate classes at Stourbridge. Children from young age of four to adults of any age can enroll. Most of the Karate Classes at Stourbridge take special care of safety of young children. The Karate classes at Stourbridge also conduct lessons for children and adults with special needs.

With the training from Karate classes at Stourbridge you will be able to excel in any Karate style of your choice. But to master the art of Karate one has to be disciplined.

Mentioned below are some tips that would help you get the best out of your karate classes:

To maintain the momentum from the Karate classes at Stourbridge, its important that you attend them regularly. Tiredness and fatigue from your daily routine or previous karate classes may lure you to make excuses, but do not be tempted into missing your karate classes.

While taking your Karate classes keep your mind free from any kind of stress or disturbing thoughts. These distracters do not let you to focus on the lessons and can even affect your performance. Push out all your worries out of your mind when entering the Karate classes

Be social and friendly. Talk to your colleagues and instructors in a friendly manner. Try to be a team player. Ask for feedback on your performance from your instructor and colleagues. Constructive feedback from your them can help you know your weakness and make it easy for you to improve your Karate skills. Every student is different. Do not compare yourself with others in the Karate class. There will always be students who are faster and better than you but your goal should be to perform better than yourself every time. Last but not the least, keep practicing. Keep practicing the moves taught in every Karate class. The key to mastering any karate style is practice.

Seriously pursuing the Karate whether as a hobby or as a combat style can help discover a new you.

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